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Stop Motion

“This is a funny and spontaneous film with street scenes of a long-gone New York. I enjoyed hearing the improvised style of sound track music that flows really well with the images.”
           Bill Black, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

“An extremely rare film.”
           Joe Guercio, Collection Services Coordinator,
           Academy Film Archive,
           Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences


An experimental, non-dialogue film in which four characters are enmeshed in a plastic stop-motion New York. A visually accelerated trip through the modern city using real people as well as fictional characters, reacting to, and sometimes destroying the process of movie making.
Photographed, Edited, Directed by Richard Lerner
Featuring Norman Thomas Marshall
Also featuring Bill Doukas
Original music by Paul Ickovic and Dave Gedalecia
16mm Experimental Film
(1970; re-edited 2002)
52 minutes





Nothing is real, especially motion pictures, which give the illusion of motion — one photograph after another. The characters in Stop Motion are aware of this fact and expose it. In the absence of dialogue, the movie is pure movie- being guided by the camera through various cinematic forms including jump cuts, single frame animation, cut-offcompositions, etc. The visual cinematic wealth of the silent era has been siphoned through contemporary vision.